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Tagné Tebu

Tagné Tebu



Born and raised in Cameroon, Tagné Tebu is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist musician, band leader, fantastic music director, composer and has worked with musicians from many different cultures and musical backgrounds: his music blends African melodies and grooves with jazz harmony and is based on African storytelling on the themes of love, war and peace, conveying a bitter-sweet sense of melancholy balanced by irrepressible optimism. He’s got a smooth and soulful sound that reaches depth within the listener. Tebu developed his piano skills by exploring music on his own. He spent several years as a soloist, performer, musical director in Cameroon, Germany, Denmark and France where he was exposed to American Jazz. Tagné’s music is powerful and introspective, blending African, Latin and Caribbean musical influences. He has a spiritual view of composing music, feeling out each composition as though it were coming to him from another space, another dimension and catch notes from the silence and then simply placing them together. Tagné’s solo style reveals a dissonant, Avant garde orientation.

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